Our Background

Established in 2006 as a single stall mobile repair service, Mobile Life has grown into an island-wide, internationally networked mobile repair and distribution company trusted to understand the various needs of every customer.

In a world where mobile phones are basic necessities for daily life, Mobile Life provides a truly professional express service for all things telecom. From upgrading to a new phone to repairing your old one to feel like new, we set you up with smooth, easy transactions for reliable, premium service at wallet-friendly prices, Fuss-Free, At Your Convenience, With Your Privacy Secure. 

Why Us

Professionalism and high-quality work are the standards. But Mobile Life goes beyond excellent workmanship: we place a high value on our customers’ satisfying experience. This is why Mobile Life makes sure that each shopping experience is a fun, memorable one.

Whether you need a secure and convenient home repair service or looking to upgrade to the latest model, or perhaps searching for the perfect mobile accessory, shopping at Mobile Life, either in person or online, is always a joy.

For an even more fun shopping experience, we’ve opened our Mobile Life Rewards Program that lets you shop and earn points that you can redeem for dining, entertainment, shopping mall vouchers, popular daily need products, and many more. Just as a little thank you for the pleasure of serving you. 

Promise To Deliver

Mobile Life is committed to bringing you the best in mobile repair and distribution, and we guarantee that every experience with us is: 

  • Reliable: No upfront or hidden costs, ever. You pay after the face-to-face repair is done under your complete supervision.
  • Convenient: No time, no problem. We can set an appointment according to your individual needs, whether you want it at home or at the nearest MRT/LRT, at a time and date amenable to you.
  • Express: No need to wait for days. Our instant repair takes about 25 to 60 minutes, depending on the model and repair scope. We reply fast to enquiries and bookings too!
  • Customer Service: Our inquiry channels opens 24/7. If you need urgent answers to either a general inquiry or a little complicated problem, our customer service officer is online from 10 am – 10 pm daily.
  • Quality Assurance: We provide a 60-day warranty for all our repairs. Rest assured that we only use premium quality parts, done by highly experienced repair specialists. 

Quality Assurance

Our brand is only as good as our work, so we make sure that our repairs are exemplary, bar none. All parts used in our repairs are of premium quality, serviced only by repair specialists who have been trained in the field for at least more than 3 years.

We also have a Quality Management System in place, where we keep a database that tracks individual specialists’ repair capability and experience and incentivises them to improve skills, performance and customer satisfaction.

Mobile Life strives to bring the best service value to customers by focusing on continuous improvements on speed, quality, convenience, and service experience.