Xiaomi Mi Mix Starts The Display Revolution

Xiaomi Mi Mix Starts The Display Revolution

Many positive reviews on the new revolutionary display design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. Listen to what world-renowned designer, Philippe Starck says about the Mi MIX design philosophy.


Less "material", more "humanity"

"Being minimalist is to remove all things superficial.
The less 'material' it is, the more 'human' it is."
World-renowned designer and Mi MIX industrial designer, Philippe Starck
XiaoMi Mi Mix
"Ceramic is a very, very old material coming from the deepest, deepest place of our civilization and of our humanity. It is incredibly strong, is warm, and has the same structure as jade."
Ceramic is a very traditional yet modern material to work with. We specially picked the micro-crystalline zirconia ceramic with a hardness similar to sapphire as our raw material. Each handset has gone through a 7-day, 1500℃ high-temperature calcination process, and made into a deep black ceramic body that looks and feels great. It is extremely durable and measures 8MoHs on the hardness scale, so you don't have to worry about wear and tear with extended use.
Hardness of 8.5 on MoHs scale
High-temperature calcination
The premium Mi MIX 18K comes
with 18-karat gold rims around the camera and fingerprint sensor.

Another first in Mi phones, we included 18K gold rims to give an additional sparkle to the full ceramic Mi MIX body.
XiaoMi Mi Mix

Designed inspired by traditional Chinese craftsmanship
Assembled using tenon joint design

The ceramic frame, back, and buttons are seamlessly connected, giving you that perfect, gorgeous, full ceramic body finish that is off the charts. They are assembled using a tenon joint design, and does not require use of glues, plastics, and adhesives, inspired by the traditional Chinese craftsmanship.

Mi MIX leather case
European ecco leather

The all-new Mi MIX packaging comes with a leather case. Each case is individually cut, ironed, and binded by highly skilled craftsmen. These handmade cases are designed to dress your Mi MIX to impress, and fits perfect in your hand.


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