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Moto Z Mod puts a walkie-talkie on your phone

Moto Z Mod puts a walkie-talkie on your phone

Motorola has been encouraging enterprising hardware hackers to create Mods at contests around the globe for the Moto Z smartphone, though so far results have been somewhat limited. The latest Mod to make its way to an Indiegogo project is the Linc radio -- a nifty little walkie-talkie Mod that the creators say will let you stay in touch at a range of up to six miles without cell service.

Linc operates on consumer-level frequencies (GMRS/FRS) with 121 private channels to allow you a chatter-free experience, even in busy areas like a ski resort. The Mod can also send SMS or transmit voice to a single buddy on a ski lift, or to a group of friends waiting for you at the hotel bar. You can even send out your GPS location from your smartphone without cell service. The Mod is water- and dust-resistant, and will act as a NOAA weather radio and emergency beacon. The Linc has its own 1,500 mAh battery for 20 hours of standby time, and can even communicate with other conventional two-way radios.

While the Mod is made to connect "seamlessly" to the Moto Z, Linc says that the unit will work with any smartphone via Bluetooth. If you're up for supporting the project, you can order one of your own with a pledge of $99 on Indiegogo right now.


source: engadget


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