LG's Nexus-like Watch Style surfaces in photos

LG's Nexus-like Watch Style surfaces in photos

LG's Google-blessed smartwatches now exist as more than a set of specs. Well-known leaker Evan Blass has scored photos of the Watch Style, the budget model of the two that LG is expected to launch in early February. The Android Wear 2.0 device certainly lives up to its name -- it's designed to look good, with a subtle bezel (silver and rose gold are shown here) and matching, easily removed leather straps. They're even relatively thin, although that's partly a trick of the eye.

However, they're definitely not meant for athletic types. Notice how there's no heart rate monitor on the bottom? The omission was anticipated, but it's clear that LG will steer you toward the higher-end Watch Sport (which will also have GPS and cellular data) if you want to measure your beats per minute.

The upside of this just-the-basics approach may be the price. An Android Police source claims that the Watch Style will start at $249 -- presumably, different bands or color options might raise the cost a little further. It wouldn't be the most affordable Android apparel you can buy (ASUS' ZenWatch 3 costs $229), but $249 is low enough that it might be appealing to anyone who wants the latest Android Wear experience without going overboard on features.


source: engadget


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