LG G6: Everything we know about LG's upcoming flagship (launching February 26)

LG G6: Everything we know about LG's upcoming flagship (launching February 26)

This will be LG's best chance to take on Samsung, whose premium Galaxy Note 7 will go down in infamy for its exploding battery woes. If Samsung delays its Galaxy S8 phone launch while the company wraps up investigations of the Note 7 fires, that would give LG the jump on its South Korean rival.

While LG didn't announce the G6 per se, it did send press a save-the-date for February 26, during the enormous Mobile World Congress held each year in Spain. The company also teased the attributes of its next phone, the "ideal smartphone," in a YouTube video.

So far, here are the things that are likely true about the G6:

  • Waterproof design
  • Feature skinnier bezels and rounded edges
  • Offer one-hand usability
  • Won't be modular or have modular accessories

Here's what's rumored/possible

  • A 5.7-inch display or smaller ("fit into my pocket")
  • An 18x9 aspect ratio
  • Google Assistant AI software built-in (or maybe Alexa)
  • Snapdragon 821 processor. (According to sources close to LG's plans, it's because Qualcomm's latest 835 processor won't be largely available until after the Galaxy S8 launches.)
  • Google Daydream ready (given the G6's anticipated top-tier specs)

Perhaps the most notable item on this list is the fact that the G6 won't be modular. The previous G5 flagship had a detachable chin, which users can use to swap out a new battery or other accessories like a camera grip or a high-definition digital-to-analog audio converter. Though the concept was novel, the phone didn't sell so hot. And despite LG saying at the end of last year that it wouldn't rule out modularity just yet, it ultimately decided to ditch the feature.


source: cnet


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