Leaked photo supposedly shows the real Samsung Galaxy S8 in Gold

Leaked photo supposedly shows the real Samsung Galaxy S8 in Gold

We're always apprehensive when it comes to publishing leaked photos like this one. See, we did have a good look at it. We did run it through a photo forensics tool to no clear evidence of forging. In the end, we can neither confirm, nor deny its legitimacy.
It's challenging, though not impossible to alter a photo of the Galaxy S7 edge by trimming the top and bottom sides, eradicating the Home button, and moving the Samsung logo there. We're speculating like this because the device pictured here looks identical to the Galaxy S7 edge on top, contradicting both the alleged front panel/screen protector leaks and preliminary renders by case manufacturers.

Then again, there's no consistency between those leaks either. And the smartphone pictured here does look taller and narrower than the Galaxy S7 edge. What's more, the Samsung logo seems to be etched onto the panel, rather than painted on. And the user interface leaves no room for doubt – this is what Android Nougat looks like after the Samsung makeover.

Real image or not, the Galaxy S8 will likely end up looking pretty close to this, considering the previous leaks and rumors circulating on the web. We'll learn the truth when Samsung announces its flagship smartphone in February or March. In the meantime, we expect more leaks like this one to appear in the weeks ahead, as Samsung will be showing the device privately to its business associates prior to entering the mass manufacturing phase.


source: phonearena


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