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How to replace Samsung Galaxy S7 back camera lens?

How to replace Samsung Galaxy S7 back camera lens?

Samsung is known for releasing some of the best camera phones in the industry. Samsung Galaxy S7 improve much more on rear camera also, thickness of rear camera lens frame is much more thin than Samsung Galaxy S6, but still same design with camera glass lens and rear camera lens frame. We all know camera lens is made from Gorilla Glass,which is super hard and anti-scratch. But sometime you are unlucky to make Galaxy S7 camera glass lens broken or cracked , then it is impossible take nice picture. here we are going to show you how to fix broken camera lens by yourself in 10 minutes.

Step 1. Removing the shattered glass

Be careful when removing the shattered glass. You MUST make sure the pieces don’t fall inside and get trapped around the camera or scratched the rear camera. after cleaning the shattered glass, you need to make sure lens on camera is not scratched, if the lens on camera is broken or scratched. you have to remove the back cover and teardown the device to replace the rear camera.


Step 2. Paste new sticker on camera lens frame

When you buy the camera lens replacement, please make sure there is round sticker included, which is must-have item for repair, because old sticker is not strong enough to hold the new camera lens after used.
Take off first layer of camera lens sticker and paste on camera lens frame, press to make sure it stick on frame.

Step 3. Install new camera glass lens

Peel off plastic film on both sides of camera glass lens replacement and second sticker layer of sticker on frame, be sure that new glass and lens on camera is totally CLEARN and then place it, press the glass.You can heat the glass by hairdryer to make sure sticker melt and stick very well, then new camera lens is secured after cooling down.


Step 4 . Test the rear camera

Open your rear camera and take some picture, if there is no blur or dirty things, and then job done.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has same camera glass lens, if your Galaxy S7 has broken camera lens glass also, you can follow this repair guide also.

 source: Wit Rigs

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Hi, may I know where I can purchase a new camera glass lens with sticker?

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