Samsung Acknowledges Galaxy S7 Edge Pink Line Issue, Promises Repair

Samsung Acknowledges Galaxy S7 Edge Pink Line Issue, Promises Repair

Samsung's 2016 flagship smartphones seem to be plagued by unnecessary problems. First it was the Galaxy Note 7's exploding battery that caused the OEM grief and recently it's been the pink line issue of the Galaxy S7 edge.

For the unfamiliar, Galaxy S7 edge users have been reporting a defect in the handset which causes a strange pink line to appear on the device's screen. Users all over the world have encountered this bizarre problem and taken to several online forums to voice their annoyance.

Now Samsung has come forward and acknowledged the issue per reports. According to Tweakers, a Dutch blog, the representatives of Samsung Benelux have accepted the presence of the "purple stripe."

"Samsung Benelux says it's a display issue with the S7 edge, where there is a pink line on the display. That only happens if there is no visible fall damage (translated)," notes the blog.

What Is Causing The Pink Line/Purple Stripe Issue?

The company has revealed to the blog that the purple stripe occurs only if a handset has been dropped. However, it is possible that the lines could appear on a smartphone that does not have a broken display.

Samsung has shared that the reason behind the appearance of the vertical purple stripe is because of damage to the device's internal circuits, which are responsible for controlling the screen's direction.

"That often happens after a crash. This is damage that can eventually lead to an increased risk of visible defects such as dead pixels or lines," states Samsung.

However, many Galaxy S7 edge users have stated that they did not drop their smartphone and feel it could be a hardware issue, which contradicts the company's claims.

"So I've been noticing a pink line going down the right side of my phone every so often. After googling it, seems like it's a hardware issue? I haven't dropped the phone, so there's no damage to the screen or anywhere else," noted a user on Reddit.

Moreover, some Galaxy S7 edge users claim that the pink line was visible on their handset suddenly. They have even wondered if this is covered under the warranty or could be a software-related issue.

Samsung Promises Repair

While temporary workarounds are available, Samsung has promised that it will be repairing the Galaxy S7 edge's display if it is under warranty.

Moreover, it will only do so if the device's display does not have any visible damage. In the event a Galaxy S7 edge's display bears signs of damage, the user will be the one who has to bear the repair charges as the company will not cover these.


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